Humes™ Concrete Products

At Geotas we regularly stock 300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm culvert/stormwater pipes in Standard-Strength (Class 2-4).

Load class 2 is suitable for light traffic and Class 4 for heavy traffic.

Humes™ concrete pipes are manufactured with two basic joint types - Flush Joint (Butt Joint) and Rubber Ring Joint.

Flush Joint in pipes provide an interlocking joint and allows for a small degree of flexibility in the pipeline alignment.

Rubber Ring Joint in pipes, either belled socket or in-wall joint are designed to accommodate change in pipeline alignment and settlement in a pipeline while maintaining a watertight joint.

We also stock a range of headwalls and endwalls, PCAC shafts and surrounds, stormwater and side entry pit components and can source the full range of Humes products
Humes Concrete pipe brochure

Humes Other Standard Products brochure

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