Drainage Products

We can supply a range of products to suit every need from domestic use to major civil engineering projects.

Megaflo® – flat panel perforated recycled HDPE core wrapped with geotextile to prevent soil ingress into the drainage system.
Twice the capacity of 100mm round pipe.

Megaflo General Brochure

Installation Guidelines

Technical Data Sheet

Geosheet® is a cuspated HDPE drainage sheet specifically designed to provide vertical drainage behind retaining walls, basements and bridge abutments.
It incorporates both waterproofing and drainage functions and comes with geofabric glued to one side to act as a filter.

Geosheet Brochure

Drainmat™ is a flexible multi-purpose geosynthetic drainage medium with a high compressive strength. It consists of a core layer of heavy-duty polypropylene fibres which allow the free flow of water in all directions and a filtration layer of polyester / polypropylene fibre geotextile to prevent the migration of water-borne soil particles into the core layer.

Drainmat Brochure

Flownet™ is a double layer drainage net manufactured from HDPE. The three dimensional structure allows fast and efficient drainage of liquid and gas. Flownet™ is well suited to vertical or steep slope drainage applications where traditional granular drainage layers are difficult to construct.

Flownet Brochure

Trinet® is a triple layer drainage net manufactured from HDPE. The well defined central drainage path allows fast and efficient drainage of liquid while the outer layers prevent soil intrusion.

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Megacell™ is a lightweight high flow cellular drainage system, ideal for rooftop gardens,planter boxes and under brick pavers.
Specifically designed for areas with restricted access or where system thickness is a limiting factor.

Megacell Brochure

Versicell™ is a lightweight interlocking plastic structural module used to form tanks for underground percolation systems. An effective alternative
to gravel aggregates used in conventional drainage systems.

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Drain Coil/Ag Pipe.
Class 400 and 1000 Subsoil Drainage pipe.
Class 400 for general surface land drainage not subjected to heavy traffic - available in 100mm x 20m or 100m rolls with or without filter sock.
Class 1000 for road and civil engineering projects subject to heavy traffic - available in 100mm x 100m rolls with or without filter sock.

Kerb Adaptors

Stormwater Kerb Adaptors to facilitate breaking through kerb and channel when installing pipes for water run-off.
High-impact, heavy duty nylon, galvanized and cast aluminium adaptors are designed to cope with weather extremes and withstand residential traffic.

Geotas stock the most commonly used galvanised and nylon C4 adaptor and can source other models if required.

 Kerb Adaptor Brochure



Please contact us to discuss your project. We can advise which products are best suited or source other products not currently listed on our website.