Environmental Protection

Everyone working on construction sites has a responsibility to prevent pollution and soil erosion and to protect waterways and surrounding vegetation.


Silt FenceTM is a temporary vertical sediment barrier designed to prevent fine debris carried by sheet flow from entering natural waterways and stormwater systems.

Silt Fence brochure



Sediment Control.

Sediment generated from erosion on site can be a major source of pollution to local waterways.

Filter Tube and Filter Sacs protect stormwater inlets.

Flotation curtains control the movement of sediment within waterways.

Coir logs (fibre rolls), hay bags, and sand bags  are also available.

 Flotation Curtain

 Filter Tube


Revegetation Products. 

Areas disturbed by construction activities may require stabilisation through revegetation to reduce the potential for erosion.

We stock a range of products including tree guards, tree stakes, tree ties, tree planting equipment, tree anchors, vine guards, root barrier, weed control.

We can provide erosion control products essential to successful revegetation and advise which products are best suited to your site.


Global Oil/Fuel Spill Kits

Housed in durable wheelie bins the kits contain booms, absorbtion pads, gloves, pillows, particulate and disposal bags.  Components are available separately.

The range includes, outdoor, indoor, marine, hazchem, organic, and general purpose kits. The components are varied to suit the specific application.