Erosion Control

There are various products designed to control soil erosion caused by the flow of wind and water.  Please contact us to discuss which products are best suited to your project.


Trinter Erosion Control Net

Trinter traps newly laid soil and seeds and is easily rolled out and pinned to a slope. Within several months the root system becomes interlaced with the net stabilising the vegetation.

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Synthetic turf reinforcement mat which protects underlying soil from erosion and provides a reinforcing matrix for vegetative root growth.

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Jutemat is an erosion control mat, made from 100% biodegradable recycled jute fibres. Jutemat provides temporary erosion protection by protecting against water and wind erosion, while promoting vegetation growth.

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Jutemesh is a coarse open mesh constructed of woven jute yarn. Jutemesh conserves moisture as well as holding seeds and soil securely in place. It has a large percentage open area that allows plant growth to develop between the strands.

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Enviromat® is a biodegradable erosion control blanket consisting of poplar woodwool contained within an external polypropylene mesh.
The product protects the soil from rain drop impact and reduces overland flow velocity.Enviromat® will stabilise disturbed soil until vegetation cover is achieved, degrading within 12 - 36 months depending on exposure to weather and  ultraviolet light.

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Geoweb® is an expandable, flexible, polymeric,                   3-dimensional cellular structure into which infill material is placed and compacted. This creates a free draining system which prevents mass movement and erosive loss of the infill materials. Geoweb® can be used in many applications from erosion control, slope stability, retaining structures, channel lining and stability to pavements and load support.
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Deltalock - The Deltalock system uses a geo-textile material that allows for water migration but not soil. The Deltalock bags are interconnected with a spiked plate that locks the structure together.

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