Geogrids have many specific application areas, however, they function almost exclusively as reinforcement materials in construction of structures such as working platforms, road pavements and reinforced foundations.


Tensar Triaxial Geogrid - Outperforms conventional biaxial grids and offers greater aggregate savings reducing construction time and cost.

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Tensar RE Uniaxial Geogrid - used in the construction of retaining walls, slopes and slope repairs. The uniaxial geogrid is used as soil reinforcement which absorbs the lateral earth pressures.


Geoweb® is an expandable, flexible, polymeric, 3-dimensional cellular structure into which infill material is placed and compacted.
This creates a free draining system which prevents mass movement and erosive loss of the infill materials. Geoweb® can be used in many applications from erosion control, slope stability, retaining structures, channel lining and stability to pavements and load support.

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