Elcoseal is a needle punched Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) that consists of sodium bentonite powder embedded and sandwiched between two or more geotextiles. The sodium bentonite acts as the swelling and sealing component of the liner.

Elcoseal is typically used as base liner and final cover in landfills, Canal lining, effluent ponds, tank farms and cut off trenches.

Elcoseal can completely or partially replace thick, multi-lift compacted clay layers in composite landfill liners and caps due to the efficiency of the high swelling sodium bentonite clay.

  Elcoseal Brochure


Elcoseal has been used by councils throughout Tasmania for their landfill projects. Some of those projects include McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre (HCC) Copping Refuse Disposal Site, Burnie Waste Management Centre, Baretta Waste Transfer Station (Kingborough), Launceston Waste Centre, White Hills Waste Transfer Station (Circular Head) Flinders Island Waste Disposal Centre,  Westbury Waste Disposal Site (Meander Valley Council).

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