Road Sealing


Sealmac® paving fabric is nonwoven geotextile which prolongs road life, reduces overlay thickness, prevents water ingress and retards reflective cracking.
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GlasGrid® is a high strength asphalt reinforcement grid manufactured from
continuous filament glass fibres.The outer surface is coated with an adhesive compound, which helps fix it to the existing asphalt surface making installation easier.

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Tensar® ARG is a composite product which combines Tensar® ARG grid reinforcement with a heat stabilised paving fabric. The Tensar® ARG has high grid junction strength and a relatively deep rib profile. This dimensional stability results in a positive mechanical interlock with the asphalt, rather than relying purely on friction by adhesion for the reinforcement mechanism.

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® is a self adhesive bitumen coated polypropylene woven geotextile. The system combines a geotextile reinforcing layer and a bitumen mastic. Specifically designed to allow for hot asphalt paving to be placed by hot mix paving machines.

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® bitumen impregnated geotextile strips are used to patch localised pavement cracking prior to application of new surface seals.
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