Golf Course Products

Products to improve the playability of your course.

BunkerMat is a three dimensional erosion and drainage matting. The bunker sand is trapped within the open structure of the fibres which increases the incline that sand can be held.

Megaflo is a flat panel drainage system that requires no trenches and has twice the drainage response time of traditional round pipe.

Elcoseal is a Geosynthetic Clay Liner that removes the need to use thick layers of clay to line your water courses.

Bidim is a non woven polyester geotextile that can be used as a separating layer to stop the migration of subsoil fines at the bunker base from passing through to the clean sand.

Elcorock are extremely robust geotextile containers designed to be filled with sand to form a stabe and durable revetment element.

TurfPave is a lightweight plastic grid structure specially designed to support turf

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