HDPE Liners


HDPE liners come in various thickness from 0.4mm to 2.0mm.
The 0.4mm Damtuff is suitable for ponds and small dams while the thicker grades are used in landfill, tailings dams and water treatment plants.

Geotas in partnership with Aeramix Pty Ltd has supplied material, designed and constructed a number of of HDPE liners for projects throughout Tasmania. These projects include -

  • MMG Rosebery Mine Detention Basins
  • Beaconsfiled Gold Mine Tailings Dam
  • Murray Goulburn Edith Creek WWTP Earthern Lagoons
  • Coles Bay WWTP Evaporation Pond
  • Menzie Centre Underground Storm Trap System.

Aeramix is based in Victoria and has undertaken projects throughout Australia. Details can be found on thier website.


Please contact us to discuss your project. We can advise which products are best suited or source other products not currently listed on our website.