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Design and technical Support

With Professional Knowledge & Full Support

Geotas are able to fully support our customers, or consulting engineer firms, with the latest product innovation,  technical data, design suggestions, specifications, detail drawings, typical sections, or design software. Geofabrics Australasia also have established a “Centre for Geosynthetic research, Innovation and development” (GRID), where design theories can be physically proof tested to ensure that performance on the construction site will be as expected, or that different products can be tested to select the most appropriate one for the specific application.

Please talk to us about gaining access to these services or technical data sheets, if they are not readily available through this web site. If you don’t need the software, we can arrange for an input data sheet for your project that you can fill with relevant site data, and we can arrange for the design checks to be completed.

Geofabrics Australasia Geosynthetics

As the Australasian leader in geotextiles and geosynthetics, we pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying world-class technical leadership and engineering support through our innovation, research, industry education, design and independent testing services.

Geofabrics can provide our clients with specification reviews, and design suggestions for geosynthetic applications in both construction and maintenance which can help reduce construction timeframes and cost whilst increasing maintenance cycles.

We draw from our experience to tailor design geosynthetic solutions to best meet our client’s performance and economic requirements.

Our comprehensive design advice for projects can include stability analysis, typical sections and standard details. We can also assist with product and installation specifications for tenders.

By employing a national team of engineers, and forming strategic alliances with multi-national consulting engineering practices, our technical support for geosynthetics is unmatched throughout Australasia.

We support our design advice with a suite of design software which assists engineers in developing cost effective solutions to exacting international design standards. We offer our software suite free of charge to our clients and it offers the ability to run a range of design scenarios to cover differing ground and loading conditions to minimise the design risk for a project.  

To assist engineers with this process, the Geofabrics team of engineering specialists are available to give technical advice in the use of the software as well as provide in-house or seminar training.

Our team also provides on-site installation training as well as guidelines and diagrams to assist contractors or maintenance crews.

Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Development (GRID)

Geofabrics provides world-class technical leadership and engineering support through our innovation, research, industry education, design and independent testing services.

Based in South East Queensland, the laboratory houses a selection of key geosynthetic-specific test equipment. Testing is aimed at solving the real-world problems that designers, contractors and asset owners find on their site – to ensure the right solution is adopted.

  • Analysis is performed according to Australian and international test methods
  • Comprehensive test reports are generated, including results, photos, graphs, test conditions and details of the apparatus used
  • Research is supported by industry leading suppliers in both laboratory and field trials across America, Europe and Asia

Available Software

Full Technical Info from Geofabrics

Macra Studio – Water Courses

Macra Studio conducts a stability analysis of water course cross-sections, with respect to water flow by checking the hydraulic stability of different bank protection linings given an allowable shear stress and roughness coefficient for the various materials selected.

Macra2 – Gabion Weirs

Macra2 was developed to provide engineers with a rapid and efficient tool with which to conduct the hydraulic and static analysis of different type of gabion weirs.

MacStars W – Reinforced Soil Structures & Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Walls

MacStars W provides designers with reliable way to analysis the stability of gabion retaining walls and Terramesh reinforced soil walls and slopes having either simple or complex ground, hydraulic and load conditions. Current Version is December 2020

TensarSlope – Embankment & Slope Stability

The TensarSlope program allows experienced design engineers who have attended a TensarSlope training workshop to produce designs for reinforced soil walls and slopes. This software is available free of charge following the completion of a free training module delivered by a Geofabrics specialist.

GawacWin – Gabion Retaining Walls

The GawacWin Program has been developed to provide engineers with a rapid and efficient tool to conduct the stability analysis of gabion retaining walls. The program allows the check under a large number of different situations (geometry, surcharge loads, etc.) which may occur during the design process. The program requires the user to provide the problem data and perform the analysis commands. This program is able to deal with a huge variety of situations; the user may choose to perform complementary comparisons and analysis to overcome these limitations.

TensarPave – Geogrid Stabilised Pavements

Software package incorporating new Tensar TriAx geogrids to assist engineers in the design of geogrid stabilised pavements following the AASHTO design method. – Release notes available. Latest version 7.02.03. Existing users should check their version and download this latest update

SpectraRail – Rail Track Optimisation

SpectraRail software provides engineers with a quick and effective tool for evaluating design options and optimising rail track support using Tensar Geogrids. Developed specifically for Tensar’s SpectraRail Railway Improvement System, SpectraRail Software enables users to evaluate and compare designs for both non stabilised and mechanically stabilised rail trackbeds with comprehensive cost analysis for each alternative. SpectraRail software is a comprehensive, systems-based software suite that offers the full benefits of Tensar’s knowledge and experience in analysing both sub-ballast stabilisation and ballast optimisation applications. These applications incorporate Tensar TriAx Geogrids, key components of the SpectraRail System. This software is available free of charge following the completion of a free training module delivered by a Geofabrics specialist.


The new, improved and expanded MiraSpec Design software is an analysis tool for engineers to design better and more cost-effective flexible paved and unpaved roadways with geosynthetics. You can estimate potential savings in costs and materials as well as potential environmental benefits.

MiraSpec allows the designer to perform flexible pavement Structural Number (SN) and Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) calculations based on AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) 1993 design method, and gravel thickness and cost savings comparisons using the Giroud-Han (2004) design method. Both sets of design calculations can be performed either with or without geosynthetics.

Road Safety Barriers

The specifications and standards are constantly evolving in this area, and because we do this on a daily basis, we have a very good understanding of current requirements, and the new products that are being tested and approved for use on Tasmania’s roads.

Geotas are able to assist with design drawings for the various components of safety barrier systems, and design suggestions for new projects.