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  • Jackson St Landfill – May 2022

    We are proud to share some photos of our recent project at the Jackson St landfill in Glenorchy. We installed a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner to cover the landfill and prevent leachate from contaminating the groundwater. HDPE liners are durable, flexible and resistant to chemicals and UV rays. The installation process involved the laying of a Geosynthetic Clay liner (GCL) base and then the HDPE sheets, before welding the seams and then testing the integrity of the liner both internally and with a third party. Finally, we rolled out the geofabric cushion layer to give the HDPE membrane an extra layer of protection. We are pleased with the final result and the positive environmental impact of our work.

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  • Energy Absorbing Bollards – Feb 2023

    We are proud to have partnered with WSP, a leading national solutions provider for fuel services around Australia, to install Roadsides’ Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs). We have completed three sites around Tasmania, so far, to upgrade the safety of the sites to BPs new standard. Once again partnering with OzGuard for one site and Todd Marriott civil construction for the other two, we were able to satisfy the timeframes of BP and WSP. The Geotas Integrated Management System was thoroughly tested with the safety aspects of these sites, including the challenge of working with a combination of traffic, pedestrians, live power and comms, the presence of fuel, and then the excavation of a trench across the access of each site. The performance and flexibility of Todd and his crew cannot be overstated and allowed us to present the finished projects back to the clients, on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of all involved.

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  • CrocGuard – March 2023

    The installation of the CrocGuard® bridge and culvert barrier system on the Midlands Hwy Ross section. This revolutionary system features a unique composite design that transfers impact loads to the posts at each abutment, providing outstanding durability and resistance to damage from vehicle impacts. CrocGuard® is ideal for use on weak bridge decks or culverts where conventional post and rail barriers may not be suitable. As posts could not be driven in this section due to the culvert below, Safe Direction’s CrocGuard was the obvious choice.

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