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About Us

About Geotas

Geotas is motivated by an ethos that places the interests of our customers and clients as our highest priority, and it is a relatively simple approach, driven by honesty, integrity, and quality.


  • The type and quality of the products that we source and provide.
  • The importance we place on providing accurate, and timely responses, advice and service
  • The management of our contracting operations.

We want to help make your life easier.  Contact us for answers.


Geotas has been serving the Tasmanian civil community for over 25 years, as a supplier of high quality, Australian made Geofabrics Australasia products, ACP safety barriers, Delnorth/Roadside Products guideposts, Terra Firma pit lids, Maccaferri rock fall protection systems, SureGro/Treemax erosion control and tree planting supplies. We also stock many other products, all designed to assist our customers with convenience, including a range of drainage products, from large concrete pipes, to socked Ag-drain.

Geotas can assist with design suggestions for a range of engineering solutions, including road pavements, gabion retaining structures, reinforced earth walls, erosion control systems, and rock-fall protection. These designs are produced by engineers using the latest product specific software and are ready to be incorporated into your individual project design and certified locally.

Geotas is a major operator in the Tasmanian safety barrier industry, with capacity to assist Councils and contractors with installation of barriers to National standards, from small car park barriers, to large complex projects like the 17.5 Kms recently completed at the VEC-Shaw JV Perth By-pass.

Our other speciality is in civil geosynthetic dam lining, where we have completed all of the major Tasmanian projects in the last 15 years, ranging from small garden ponds, filtration sumps, up to the Copping category C cell, which involved the installation of 7 layers of drainage, cushioning, and membrane layers.

Geotas recently completed the installation of 180,000 square metres of Teranap Bituminous liner at the MMG Rosebery site in Western Tasmania, and on the back of that successful installation, we are now Tasmanian distributors of that product.