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Reinforced Slopes & Walls

Engineered Solutions

Geotas offers a range of engineered slope, embankment and retaining wall solutions of use in transport infrastructure projects.

For slopes over 70°, Maccaferri Gabions can accommodate significant differential settlement. The mesh baskets form a monolithic structure that acts as one homogeneous unit, which is permeable and suitable for use in high stress hydraulic applications.

For reinforced slope systems and mechanically stabilised earth walls Maccaferri Terramesh is a versatile, modular system that can be a more cost effective solution than the mass gravity Gabion wall because of the speed of installation and reduced rock fill requirements.

For mechanically stabilised earth slopes and embankments that require a vegetated front face, Maccaferri Green Terramesh can be filled with soil and planted, creating a green slope. 

For high walls with high loads our Keystone TW3 system maxmises the use of available landspace in commercial developments. 

For slope and wall reinforcement Geotas offers a suite of solutions including:

  • Maccaferri PVC coated double twist woven mesh reinforcement
  • Tensar RE uniaxial geogrids
  • TenCate Miragrid® GX flexible geogrids
  • Maccaferri ParaLink geogrids.

Keystone TW3

The precast concrete blocks (right) locked into the Tensar RE system (left) to create an earthquake resistant retaining wall

The Keystone TW3 wall system is a proven, practical engineered solution for bridge abutments and retaining walls. It consists of precast concrete 30mpa modular blocks in combination with the Tensar RE system to provide aesthetically pleasing and robust retaining wall. The distinctive geometry of the bocks allows for both internal and external curves in addition to other features like corners and stairs to easily detailed. There is no need for cranes, propping or mortar as Keystone TW3 is a ‘dry-laid’ system, which means there is no need for costly specialised equipment.


When Tensar RE is interlocked with the fill material, the result robust, reinforced fill that can last 120 years

Geogrids are reinforcing meshes designed to reduce the volume of aggregate that needs to go onto a certain project, like a road or foundation, or to provide a stabilisation system for weak or otherwise unstable soils and subgrades. These systems can be deployed to secure your retaining wall, strengthen your road, or to drastically lengthen the life of your pavements. Our range of grids includes: Tensar Triax , a lock for foundational aggregate, Tensar RE, a specialised grid used for locking TW3 keystones and concrete facings to retaining wall faces, and TenCate Miragrid GX, a soil reinforcement grid that is used on steep slopes and flat surfaces to stabilize the soil.


The smooth incline of the face in addition to the integrated erosion matting allows for vegetation to take root even on steep batters like this

The Maccaferri Terramesh system is similar to gabion baskets, but include a tail, and  they can be used for constructing stable slopes and walls with a stepped face or a vertical angle of up to 90°. Due to the tail, this system is inherently stable and has been used to erect retaining walls of over 70m high. The Terramesh systems are made from integral woven mesh soil reinforcement panels that are designed to be intuitive to install and handle, they also feature a Galmac coating on the wire mesh with a polymeric barrier of PVC to protect it. These coatings on the mesh improve the corrosion resistance and enhances the systems durability.

Terramesh Green is the same system but with the ability to establish a rehabilitated surface finish using flora, and to accomplish this, it has  a sloped front face, designed to provide a surface to accommodate an erosion control blanket, and growing medium to support the establishment of natural or introduced vegetation. Terramesh Green works perfectly to establish both a strong, reliable wall and a smooth green gradient that blends with the surrounding environment.


Maccaferri Gabions

Maccaferri Gabion baskets are rectangular wire mesh cages manufactured from double twist hexagonal mesh. When these cages are filled onsite with durable rock, they are then stacked to form permeable and monolithic structures which can be anything from retaining walls and channel linings, to hydraulic control structures and erosion protection. Coated in a Galmac corrosion resistant metallic layer, or the new Polimac PVC coating, Maccaferri Gabions are proven to outperform standard galvanised mesh by up to five times. Able to be placed at an angle of between 45° and 90° in addition to a stackable height of over 10 meters they are well suited to a range of projects.