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Road Safety Barriers

Making Tassie’s Roads Safer

Geotas has been actively working in the road safety barrier arena since the year 2000 now, and we have grown to the point where we have become the “Go To” specialists in Tasmania for:

  • Supply only of materials for businesses needing car park barriers, or protection barriers for critical assets, like posts on base plates and W-Beam barrier that can easily be installed by the local contractor
  • The supply and installation of all types of barrier systems, from small private accesses, end protection for new and up-graded bridges, through to major Federally funded Highway projects like the Perth By-pass project
  • Repairs. We carry extensive stock of all types of barrier systems, and can usually attend to urgent repair works within a few days. 
  • Advice. Geotas do not replace the need for consulting engineering services, but because of our extensive experience, and our intimate knowledge of the rapidly changing specifications, and new products that are continually being introduced to the market, we are able to offer suggestions that can be the safest and the most economical alternatives for your project requirements.

These are our Success Factors

1. Team

Our success in this area is largely due to the professional way in which our Sub-Contractors – OzGuard, managed by Clayton and Natalie Brown, have grown to the challenge of operating a very successful business in the civil sector, and have grown their capabilities with both equipment, and personnel. OzGuard have some very experienced and capable team leaders that enable them to operate on numerous sites simultaneously, which puts us in a position to be able to meet the high demands for safety barrier installation we face over the peak road construction period.  The Geotas team have a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in managing the delivery process of safety barrier installation projects, which includes quoting, logistics, programming, client communication, and quality assurance, all the necessary factors that give our clients confidence in our ability to successfully complete projects.

2. Quality

Geotas installs safety barrier systems which are all rigorously crash tested and approved for use on Tasmanian Highways. Certification for the steel used in these products is available upon request. All installations are supported by an auditing process to ensure specifications are met.

Our sub-contractors – OzGuard, are extremely quality focused in their installation work, which is obvious when you drive through any of our installations,- smooth lines, neat and tidy, certified.

All safety barriers installed by Geotas on State Government Roads are fully supported by quality assurance documentation, which confirms installation has been as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Management

The Geotas business has for many years, been independently audited for the implementation and use of a management system, which has now been upgraded to the ISO systems of Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment. This provides confidence that there is a systems-based approach to the conduct of the business, and combined with strong financial performance, Geotas is now assessed by the Department of State Growth as being capable of undertaking safety barrier projects at the F15 level. Our systems include constant review of current capabilities, and an ethos based around honesty and respect for clients, which means we will not over-commit to work that we cannot confidently complete in the timeframe required.

Geotas now use PROCORE construction management software for information delivery, project site information, and quality records that can now be easily exchanged with the on-site installation crew.

4. Safety

Safety for our people, and anyone involved at our work sites is paramount. Training is key to safety, especially in the area of traffic management, as this is probably the highest level of risk faced by anyone working on roads. Geotas and OzGuard commit all required resources to ensure that all staff are highly trained to help create the safest work environment.

The Procore software is our primary tool for real-time management of site safety, inductions, and compliance with Contractor, and regulatory safety standards.  

We invite you to contact us, and discuss your project needs.  I’m sure we will be able to provide you with a solution to your safety barrier needs.

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