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Guideposts & Roadside Furniture

Geotas and Guideposts

Geotas stock, and distribute throughout Tasmania, the entire range of the Delnorth Group portfolio of products.  This includes products from:

  • Delnorth
  • Durapost
  • RPS Traffic
  • OzPost
  • Signfix

We also carry various other road furniture products like the Oxford Plastics range of trench covers and kerb ramps, and bollards, including the Energy Absorbing Bollard for use in low speed environments.

Steel-Flex Guideposts

The World’s Toughest Delineator Post

Steel-Flex ® is the world’s toughest delineator post. Available in any colour and delineation type, Steel-Flex ® guide and marker posts recover to vertical after repeated impacts. Steel-Flex ® posts are easy to install, ArmorGalv ® anti-corrosion protected and guaranteed for ten

Semi-Rigid Steel Guideposts

These posts bend safely on impact and can be re-straightened many times. Posts are made from high tensile G450 – Z350 galvanised steel to AS 1397 standard. They are available in a wide range of lengths and colours with roadside delineation or asset identification stickers or plates fitted or supplied to suit your needs. Robust and recyclable, the one-piece Delnorth Semi Rigid post range is easy to install using either our universal ergonomic manual or mechanical drivers. All posts come with protective snap-on end caps

Plas-Flex PVC Guideposts

Plas-Flex  offers a low cost, low maintenance solution for your roadside delineation requirements. Plas-Flex  guideposts come in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness UV stabilised PVC. Plas-Flex  has a large single barb for superior in ground retention and is manufactured in Australia.

Installation & Removal Equipment

Geotas have a range of manual and automatic tools available for use on all posts. Our Honda powered CPD petrol driver is the ideal automatic driver tool, installing posts in seconds.

Steel-Flex Marker Posts

Steel-Flex ® is the world’s toughest marker post. Available in any colour and delineation type, Steel-Flex ® guide and marker posts recover to vertical after repeated impacts. Steel-Flex ® posts are easy to install, ArmorGalv ® anti-corrosion protected and guaranteed for ten years.

Steel Marker Posts

Semi Rigid rolled safety edge steel marker posts are available in any colour and can be customised with delineation to suit your needs. Snap on safety end caps in black or white are included. Other lengths available.

Reboundable Lane Divider or Bollard

Lane-Flex ® is a premium polymer product that will endure repeated impacts and wheel-overs. Lane-Flex ® is available in multiple colours and heights ranging from 300mm to 1000mm. It is available in bolt down glue down, drivable spike, or removable socket form.

Impact Recovery Sign-Posts

Poly-Flex  flexible sign-posts, frames and bollards are passively safe roadside products that recover after repeated impacts. When hit by a vehicle, they absorb impacts, before recovering to their original position.

Polycarbonate Signs

Sign-Flex ® signs are near unbreakable, UV-resistant and graffiti resistant for use on any permanent or temporary signage application.

Safety Barrier Delineators

Hylyte delineator products are manufactured in Australia from injection moulded nylon 6 and UV protected PVC. The high-quality substrate and design returns a reflector to its original position after an impact, thus maintaining road delineation at all times.


Glare-Flex ®  is an innovative flexible steel panel system ideal for glare affected areas on highways, motorways, freeways and tollways. Impact resistant with a specially formulated reinforced fibre base, Glare-Flex ®  can be applied to concrete barriers and guardrails to reduce accidents caused by glare and visual distractions for drivers.

Flexi-360 Guidepost

Flexi360 is the world’s only 360′ Flexible guide post. Flexi360 is approved for use in all states and territories across Australia. The 360′ flexible joint can withstand multi-directional impacts making it the perfect guide post solution for any impact zone.

Duraflex Pro Guidepost

The Dura-Flex Pro Flexible Delineator Post System is the newest development in delineator/guide post systems. Manufactured from high impact UV stabilised premium quality rigid PVC it is 100% Australian made, uniquely formulated and recyclable. During the elongation process, the PVC post has proven ability to stretch and return to its natural shape when tested in high impact areas. The material is self-extinguishing, and it will not support combustion. This product offers a high flexibility and strength.

Steel Bollards

Dura-Post® supply a range of steel bollards for use in car parks, forklift safe zones, pedestrian safe zones and refuge islands. Steel Bollards can be used to protect assets such as columns or pipes from impacts.

Durapost Catalogue

Energy Absorbing Bollards

Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB) are capable of absorbing kinetic energy during a collision, minimising injuries for the driver and protecting pedestrians and property. Geotas can arrange installation of these bollards.

Oxford Plastics Road Plates

Geotas can assist with a range of strong and lightweight road plates, trench covers and kerb ramps, which are all load tested and rated for road use.

Delnorth Catalogue