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Coastal Erosion

Protecting Tasmanian Waterways

Our waterways and coastlines here in Tasmania are iconic, but also fragile. In some cases, they need protection from erosive forces like winds, tides, or longshore drift. The erosion control products Geotas has access to are all high quality and can be arranged to suit almost any problem you may have. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Sea Walls & Revetments
  • Groynes
  • Breakwaters
  • Riverbank Protection
  • Temporary Bunds
Elcorock deployed at Portsea Vic to preserve the beach front and dunes from wind and wave degradation


The ELCOROCK system is a series of extremely robust geotextile containers designed to be filled with readily available materials, that when stacked together, form stable and durable structures that can be used in many applications. The versatility and durability of this product provides solutions to structures such as walls, groynes, reef structures, and flow control in marine and inland waterway environments.

The Elcorock containers are made from ELCOMAX a non-woven staple fibre geotextile. Elcomax has enhanced filtration with resistance to puncture, abrasion and UV making it ideal for use in harsh coastal conditions.

If you have a particular problem to solve, please let us help. We have access to specialist product engineers who can assist with design and product suggestions.

Elcorock Technical info on Geofabrics website

Texcel applied to a coastal erosion protection program


Australian made Texcel geotextiles are a nonwoven stable fibre that have been designed to provide a reinforcement for coastal structures and as a protection for landfill lining systems. Under constant movement and changing conditions, many materials are not able to maintain their properties over an extended period along shorelines, but because Texcel is a nonwoven staple fibre it is able to withstand the waves, tides, and other coastal forces. Texcel is manufactured from either polyester and/or polypropylene fibres and is highly resistant to degradation by UV radiation. It is also an effective filtration, separation, shoreline protection, drainage, and cushioning layer, and because it is made right here in Australia it is subject to the highest quality standards.

Texcel Technical info on Geofabrics website

Refer to our page on  Erosion and sediment control  for other options.