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Pit Lids & Access Covers

Pit-lids, Access covers, FRP grating

Geotas carry a range of pits and access covers,  in stock, including :

  • Oxford Plastics access ramps, trench covers and road plates. (Images-
  • Light duty pits with grated lids –  300×300, 450×450, 600×600
  • P6 pits with Terra Firma lids to suit
  • 512x512mm pit with Terra Firma lids to suit
  • Side entry galvanized frames of various sizes with lids to suit

Geotas will arrange supply or quotation of specialized sizes of pits, lids, or larger multi-part lids on request.

Terra Firma have revolutionized this space, with the introduction of strong, lightweight covers that range from Class B load rated side entry pit covers, right through to the new Terra Firma E-Class covers , made from advanced fibre glass composite material for use in freeways or very high wheel-load areas.

Geotas have also been able to collaborate with different suppliers and manufacturers, to make available combinations of Terra Firma lids with different sized pits, which has enabled the up-grade of various infrastructure access points, like the Taswater meter box up-grades, and the DSG traffic signal network up-grade.

With this experience, we are always available to help design and supply products that meet with your specific project requirements.

Terra Firma have recently introduced Terra Grate FRP mesh to their product portfolio, and Geotas will be happy to provide anyone with project pricing. We are able to provide design assistance, and also match ( as best we can) product sizes to the design requirements, which will reduce costs in installation. This product is perfect for all walkways and site access ramps, marine ramps and jetties, and shearing shed / animal shed flooring.