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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Products

Drainage is something that Geotas take very seriously because we see the problems that people bring to us when it is too late, and it usually always relates to poor drainage outcomes as a result of either poor design, incorrect product selection, or poor installation procedures.

Geotas has access to a vast array of high-quality products from local and international suppliers, that represent the very best of technology when it comes to drainage. We have products and solutions for numerous applications like:

Roadside drainage, stormwater management and retention, retaining walls, accesses, sports field, farm, Lining systems, and many more.

If you have a particular problem to solve, please let us help.  We have access to specialist product engineers who can assist with design and product suggestions.     

MEGAFLO® Green Panel Drain & Subsoil Drainage System

About the product

Megaflo Green is an excellent drainage system, removing water from your structure faster than any other drainage system.  

Megaflo Green system is manufactured as a corrugated panel supported by internal pillars along the length of the drain. This shape and structure give Megaflo Green a high crush resistance whether the drainage system is used vertically or horizontally.

Megaflo Green comes pre-wrapped in Bidim geotextile.


  • Manufactured in Australia using 100% locally sourced recycled polymer
  • Narrow width profile making it easy to install, and is stiff in the vertical axis
  • Equipment available to assist with safe and rapid installation
  • Supported by testing, design software, locally stocked, and thousands of kilometres of successful installation
  • High crush strength, and un-matched drainage response time
  • Complies with local road, rail, and landfill specifications
  • Perfect for use behind shotcrete wall structures

Geosheet / Coredrain

About the product

Geosheet and Coredrain are geocomposite drainage sheets, designed for vertical drainage behind retaining walls, bridge abutments, or basement walls. Being lightweight, they are also well suited for installations on steep building sites to replace the need for traditional expensive drainage gravels that are heavy, and create logistical problems for the installer.


  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure behind walls
  • Provides a vapour barrier between drainage layer and wall
  • Creates a protection layer to the waterproof membrane
  • Lightweight and flexible

EcoAID – Storm Water Management Chambers

About the product

EcoAID® is an underground modular stormwater management system used to detain, infiltrate or harvest stormwater run-off and also provides stormwater treatment by utilising an internal gross pollutant and sediment trap via a designated inlet row called a ‘Catch-All-Row” (C-A-R). The dual function of stormwater collection and treatment allows the engineer to optimise their drainage layout by minimising the number of external manhole pits required on-site with the added benefit of omitting any need for upstream gross pollutant and sediment traps.

The EcoAID® chamber system can form part of a treatment train providing primary treatment through the removal of gross pollutants, course and fine sediments via physical screening, sedimentation and filtration techniques.  

EcoAID® is exceptionally strong and robust water storage and treatment system that is designed to be used under public roads and highways, car parks, sports fields and public open space providing the engineer with opportunities to save valuable land space and protect our natural waterways from the damaging effects of pollution from new and existing developments.

The EcoAID® system is manufactured in Australia, making it a cost-effective alternative to imported systems whilst providing the customer with shorter lead times to site and also supporting the local economy by boosting the Australian manufacturing industry.


  • Australian made
  • EcoAID® has been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM F2787.
  • EcoAID® has been designed to AS 5100.2 Australian Bridge Design Wheel Loads.
  • EcoAID® is very quick and easy to install with each chamber weighing only 15kg.
  • The system can be lined with an impermeable membrane for detention and harvesting applications.
  • EcoAID® can be installed in a single or double-layer configuration.
  • The modular system is infinitely scalable.

Culvert Pipes

Concrete Pipes

RCPA Large diameter pipes

About the product

Geotas carry a substantial range of RCPA concrete pipes , headwalls and various covers, grates and lids.  RCPA have been making vertically cast steel reinforced concrete pipes for over 50 years, and can cater for speciality orders including pipes up to 3.6M diameter.


  • Pipe performance exceeds requirements of AS4058.
  • Continuous reinforcement cage through spigot and socket.
  • Cage spacers minimized to reduce ingress paths.
  • Dry-cast concrete with low water-cement ratio.
  • Durable and highly compacted with low sorptivity and carbonation rates.
  • Bi-directional trowels and rollers provide hard, high quality internal surface.
  • Non-slip exterior surface for safe handling.

HDPE Enviropipe

Light weight – easily handled by a single person

About the product

Geotas is now offering Enviropipe, a stormwater drainage pipe known for its strength, lightweight, and ease of handling. Available in sizes from 225mm to 2000mm in internal diameter, there’s a perfect fit for your needs. These HDPE corrugated pipes are crafted from top-quality materials, making them the most advanced solution for managing stormwater and wastewater. Enviropipe’s design makes it less prone to cracking compared to rigid pipes, reducing leakage and the potential for environmental damage. Its joints feature a sophisticated rubber seal that has undergone rigorous testing, and with outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance, Enviropipe stands out as the optimal choice for your stormwater drainage requirements.


Class 400 Ag-drain
Class 1000 Ag drain

Geotas stock a full range of Ag-Drain, for large or small projects, including all fittings.  The product is fully certified, Australian made, and conforms to the relevant Standards.  The range includes:

Class 400 HDPE slotted 65mm x 20 M long,  and 100mm x 20 M or 100M long

Class 1000 PVC slotted 100mm x 100 M long

All are available with, or without sock.

Large quantities can be delivered direct to site upon arrangement.

Roof-Top Gardens and Planters

Geotas stock Atlantis Flo-cell, which provides drainage for roof-top areas, or planter boxes by creating a  void space, separated from the soil by geotextile, where excess water can flow and be piped away.

FilterWrap Non-Woven Geotextile


Filterwrap nonwoven geotextile filter fabric is ideally suited to subsoil drainage systems used to remove water from damp areas and behind retaining walls, where it functions as a separation layer to limit the movement of soil and fine material into the drainage medium, whilst allowing the flow of water through the material.


Filterwrap is supplied in small easy to handle roll sizes and is designed to replace natural filters in many applications particularly revetments and subsoil drainage. The extremely high porosity of nonwoven geotextiles allows water flow while preventing fines migration. These properties allow Filterwrap to be used where drainage or control of groundwater is a concern such as behind retaining walls, working over soft ground in driveway construction and gravel paths or in landscaping applications to provide separation between soil and drainage aggregates in planter boxes and roof gardens. Filterwrap can also be used in garden areas to suppress weed growth underneath mulch, or new soil, whilst allowing water to penetrate.