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Geosynthetic Lining Systems

Geotas and Lining in Tasmania

Geotas is the leading name for the supply and install of a range of different lining systems throughout Tasmania and having formed partnerships over the past 15 years we are able to ensure that the result of our work is both to a high standard and a competitive price. We pride ourselves on having completed every major lining installation for mining and civil across Tasmania for the last 10 years. The vast number of situations and specifications we have catered to have set us up to tackle challenges whenever they are presented. So, whether it be general waste management, water containment, mining waste management or channels and irrigation, we have the product to suit and the crew to install.

Geofabrics Australian G.C.L.

GCL deployed Launceston Landfill

Geofabrics Australasia Geosynthetic (meaning a synthetic product used to stabilize terrain) Clay Liner is a product engineered for environmental containment applications and is the only GCL made right here in Australia. Designed to be able to provide the hydraulic protection equivalent to 1 metre of compacted clay, the GCL is made up of high-quality sodium bentonite powder pressed between two layers of durable geotextiles which is then reinforced by needle-punching; this provides reinforcing that improves the confinement and the internal shear strength. Once the GCL meets water, it hydrates (activates) to create the containment barrier. Due to the bentonite dust expanding upon its contact with water, when a hole is punched through the sandwiching geotextiles, a hole is quickly plugged, and the system remains watertight.


Side by side of SORBseal and traditional GCL

Geofabrics SORBSeal is a new product designed specifically to tackle the issue of PFAS contamination. The PFAS group is a category of synthetic chemicals that have been manufactured and deployed in a variety of industries since the 1940’s. This particular group of chemicals are also known as ‘forever chemicals’ as they are not easily broken down and have been circulating in and out of different industries, and now they have been detected in our food, our water, and are even our in bodies. Traditional landfill lining approaches like HDPE and GCL are inferior when it comes to containing these particles, and so SORBseal was designed with high surface area powdered, activated carbon which is able to absorb and retain the PFAS contaminants.


Dairy Farm Waste Water lagoon, North West of Tasmania

HDPE, or just HD, is a geomembrane liner made from High Density Polyethylene. A product that is durable, lightweight, UV resistant and is a thermoplastic, meaning it can be heated to become more pliable. These qualities put together, in addition to the watertight seal when installed, make this product the perfect choice for sealing in a range of circumstances, leachate ponds, irrigation ponds, landfills, erosion control, tailings dams and many more. HD is a range of products with a variant to suit many situations, with different thicknesses, rigidity, and strength as well as variants with a textured underside to aid in the adhesion to sloping batters.

Teranap Bituminous Geomembrane

Bituminous Liner Installed to Contain Tailings. West Tasmania

Teranap Bituminous Geomembrane or BGM is a reliable robust waterproofing system designed and engineered to be a tough and enduring liner for decades after installation. This durable product can maintain the critical property of a watertight seal under a constantly changing environment, it has been designed to withstand the elements such as, but not limited to, root penetration, a wide range of temperature swings, high puncture resistance and in addition to its resistant to a great deal of chemical agents, it is also suitable for potable water storage.  Geotas are the Tasmanian distributor for this product.

Flownet and Trinet

Side by side comparison of Flownet (left) and Trinet (right)

Flownet and Trinet are drainage solutions designed to be a cost-effective alternative to aggregate drainage layers and is especially practical on steep batters as well as behind retaining walls. Flownet allows for drainage off to the side, whereas Trinet allows for vertical drainage, parallel to its deployment. These systems both come with the option of geotextile bonded to one or both sides of the netting; This allows for even more efficient drainage given the underlying surface is unable to contaminate and clog the netting due to the filtering properties of geotextiles. Both products come in a range of configurations to suit a variety of needs.

Pond Liner

Geotas stock a 0.5mm flexible polyethylene pond liner, that is 6.0 metres wide, and we can cut to length off the roll. Perfect for smaller garden ponds, or planter boxes etc.  We can also provide this liner in prefabricated sizes to suit your project, where you can simply provide us with the measurements of your pond, we then arrange fabrication, and you then un-fold the liner on site, and anchor around the perimeter of your pond.  We can also assist with cushion/protective geotextiles, and butyl joining tape if required.